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“In the end we regret the chances we dint take.” – Anonymous

So why not let’s take some chances and go explore places while you can, because there isn’t a time for you to travel. So just get with it.

At an average , three days minimmum is required for you to explore this place. Rich in beauty and yes ofcourse the food❤️. Anyways , you would want to get a hotel near bhagsu nag because that’s one place which connects the market area, the waterfall and the trek.

1.Bhagsunag waterfall – along with that you get a suprise gift of a nice place to chill and relax. Yup that’s right, Shiva’s cafe beside bhagsunag.

2. The triund trek- roughly 8kms of trek with great beautiful scenery wil blow your mind. (When you are trekking off season) while in On season you wouldn’t find snow in the trek route.

P.s take all the supplies you need. You wont get anything while you’re trekking. By supplies i mean Energy bars, Soft/Energy drinks, snacks etc etc.

After days of trek and roaming around the streets of mcleodganj, you can plan to go to Dharamshala where you’ll find famous buddhist monastery and the highest cricket ground where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains covered with snow. It is quite serene. ❄️ 

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First Post Priority

Hello World,


Well this is my first time writing something to a Blog. So for starters i will introduce myself.

This is Abhishek Chaubey, A Mechanical Engineer, A Traveler, A Photography Enthusiast, Tech Geek.

Being a 23Y/o Person. i am pretty much the young blood who lusts about being in the wild and exploring the unknown to myself.

I haven’t been travelling much though, Its the fraction of moments when i actually get a chance to set free from the World’s agony and Wander.

I will keep updating this Blog once in a while. Relevant/ Related Stuff.

Enjoy the posts and feel free to communicate/comment to me. i will be very much Happy.

The Lone Wanderer.