Tosh// Kheerganga// Himachal Pradesh. 

Around 44kms from the town bhunter, this magnificent town of tosh is a treat in its own, with the lush green breathtaking view to one of the best cafes to chill in, it has got all of it.

At around 4kms from the tosh village down the hill, the trek to kheerganga starts. The start point is called barshaini.

The trek is about 14kms from barshaini to kheerganga. It takes approximately 4hours at an average to reach the top (With an average walking speed).

Kheerganga // At the top of the trek.
Early Morning View


Certain Messages of these sort are to be found on the way to the top.


People do come in small groups or alone to enjoy the beauty of the place, and have some peace moment for themselves.

These are some photos, i clicked along the way and in my way back.

with Love From TOSH.


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